Edible Art
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About Me

Lee Belote is the creator of Edible Art. She was born and raised in Virginia Beach,VA.  She resides in Virginia Beach, and that's where her business was created. It was a natural fit for Lee because she has been involved in art her whole life. She has studied art, taught art, and been in art shows.  Once Lee had kids, she didn't have time for her traditional art form and took her talent and creativity to the kitchen.  Her kids have always benefited from her creativity in the kitchen, so a business was created after her third child was born.

It started with creative lunches and then holiday themed breakfasts. Next, came elaborate themed birthday party ideas.  Lee enjoyed the challenge of coming up with new ideas on a monthly basis for her kids and their parties.  Lee first started doing classes at the preschool and then started getting birthday inquiries.  She enjoys both the classes and the birthday parties. The classes are so much fun because they're always themed for the month and the parties are great because every party is unique to the child's interest.

Lee's motto is "inspire creativity through edible art"

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