Edible Art
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Edible Art  is a program that is designed to enhance the child's creativity in a tasty way. The child's problem solving skills and creativity are enhanced while they discover how food can be tranformed into tasty art.  The children use their imagination while making healthy mosaics, edible sculptures, peanut butter and cereal landscapes, etc. These are all no bake projects that use healthy ingredients most of the time.  The classes transform ordinary foods into no-bake masterpieces.  Have your children explore the tasty world of edible art!

Edible Art offers the following services:

  • School programs
  • Weekly classes
  • Holiday events
  • Special Events
  • Birthday parties
  • After school enrichment programs-preschool
  • Teacher workshops

Please call Lee at (757)513-0476 for more information on any of the class offerings or if you would like to book a birthday party or special event.

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